VR workshop @Merz Akademie

Summer Semester 2021. The one week workshop @Merz Akademie (https://www.merz-akademie.de/​) in Stuttgart, given by Jörg Frohnmayer was all about dealing with tracking data of animals and visualize the data in VR. Students had three layers that they had to design.

1. design the unser interface and the spatial interaction
2. design and reconstruct the real space where the tracking was recorded
3. design a imaginary place that shows the real data within a new context

The students – Vincent Elsässer, Vincent Gössler, Florentin Zinßer, Leander Dürrstein realized a prototype within this one week.

We have used the data provided by researchers working at the Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior, Center of Advance Collective Behavior Studies (CASCB), Uni Konstanz. Credits: Nora Carlson, Maty Nagy, Hemal Naik and Urs waldmann.

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